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Our Platforms

Cornerstone is on the way to doing our part to revitalize U.S. manufacturing. Our platforms are designed with intent and being built to purposefully support that mission. 

Below is our current roster of platforms and we are always looking to grow organically and through other acquisitions of manufacturing oriented businesses. 

If you are looking to sell your manufacturing business or any of our platforms could help you, please reach out today

machine shop
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Machining is a cornerstone of Cornerstone! It is a core competency and no surprise on what we are building around in a key platform to support our mission as machining is vital to U.S. manufacturing.

We are focused on growth in a number of industries and continually building capabilities and capacity in subtractive manufacturing including:

  • Milling (vertical and horizontal)

  • Turning (medium to large parts)

  • Swiss Machining (small parts)

  • Grinding (OD, ID, Surface)

  • EDM

  • Component Finishing (Anodize, Passivation, HC)

  • Strong Engineering and Quality Support Foundation

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If you are looking for consistent supply chain support in machining, reach out today and see how we could help.  

Training and Development

U.S. Manufacturing has more than a skills gap and workforce issue. It will be in need of strong leadership to survive and thrive in the coming years. CMG's training and development group intends to help address this gap with focused efforts on developing and rebuilding manufacturing leaders to win at home and at work through content, training, support based peer groups and activity based immersion learning. 

This is part of our mission to impact a million positively and revitalize U.S. manufacturing.

Are you a leader looking for more? Burned out? Or perhaps you want to learn more and support the cause. Reach out today.

manufacturing leadership training
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Manufacturing Operations Support


Manufacturing Ops 360 is intended to provide operational support manufacturing businesses through front end, back office, and support activities using best practices and systems we actually use as well as lean techniques and coaching. The intent is to simplify and streamline operations to reduce friction, much like we do in our operations.

If your business needs help, reach out today for a free exploratory chat. 

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Engineering & Technology

Engineering and technology will play a vital role in U.S. manufacturing's revival. CMG is committed to investing in and best leveraging manufacturing engineering, quality systems, and advanced technology including automation to enhance our operating companies competitiveness but also other U.S. manufacturers to support our overall mission. Some of the areas we can provide support:

  • Automation and Robotics 

  • Process Assessment, Design and Development (NPI)

  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA)

  • Quality - Validation, CMM, and Systems Support

  • Capital Equipment Planning & Procurement

If you are a manufacturing business looking for technical or advanced quality support, reach out to see if we could help today. 

automation integration
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