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precision machined parts

Our Approach

CMG works with existing businesses to scale and grow but we actively seek to grow through acquisition. We are currently seeking U.S. based manufacturing services businesses in the Midwest or Eastern U.S. Primary focus is machining now but also exploring adjacencies. EBITDA ("SDE") should be greater than $500K. 

We buy businesses with combinations of debt as well as investor equity and cash from operations. We analyze every deal uniquely and find best alternatives if viable and there are also structures where sellers can remain as partial investors.


If you are looking to sell your manufacturing business and you want to see the legacy you have built carried on, we would love to begin a conversation. 


What makes CMG unique?

A lot of folks are out there looking to buy businesses from first time searchers to PE firms and everything in between. You are not selling a used car here, this is important.

Run with someone who has been through this and understands your industry and business, can get it done, and have you walking away content.

If you are an owner looking to exit, we'd love to chat.
If you are looking to invest, we tend to look for equity or debt investors on select deals. Reach out and get a conversation going. 

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